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How can a shop display their offer in Followads?

Use the below link to connect to our Sales Managers or you can directly make a call to the Company’s Phone number during the office hours.

How do I redeem the coupon?

By scanning it into the App’s Wallet which can be en-cashed later.

What are followads coupons?

Followads coupons are given in the shops to the FollowAds customers based on their purchase value, which can be encashed using the App.

How does one redeem the offer?

By directly walking into the shop.

How many times can I use these offers?

There are no limitations on usage of offers. However, one needs to check with the Shop’s manager or owner for any T&C.

Can we shop online?

No. But you can check the complete details about the offers and the shop from the App.

How does one get the offer/shop details?

Just click on the shop or offer for more details.

Can the language or location be changed?

Yes. Use the ME option in the Home Page to set preferences.

Is it possible to search for a specific offer or shop?

Yes, Using the Search Option in the Home Page.

What is FollowAds?

An app to reach thousands of current offers at shops near you.